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London (Leyton) - Motivational Evening - Thursday 18th July '19

East London • Thurs 18th July '19

Revive your heart and mind with a special evening of spirituality with Mufti Menk
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Saffron Kitchen
300 Lea Bridge Road
E10 7LD

London - Thurs 18th July '19
From 7:00pm to 9:30pm
(Doors open 6:30pm)

Official Book Giving

Motivational Moments brings you a compilation of 500 of the best quotes by Mufti Menk; the most popular quotes liked or shared by YOU, from his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

His empowering words instil hope and patience in people across the globe daily. They have been translated into many languages.

Mouth Watering 3 Course Meal

Caterers: Saffron Kitchen

Saffron Kitchen has an exciting blend of classic Indian dishes, Mumbai inspired street food and sizzling mixed grills

Special Guest
Mufti Menk

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