Can children attend and do they need a ticket?

Yes children can attend. Children aged 3 years and above will require a ticket that can be purchased on the website, children aged 2 also need a ticket however this is free and they are required to sit on their parent’s lap. Please ensure children are supervised by an appropriate adult at all times.

We are unable to attend the event, can we obtain a refund?

As per the terms and conditions agreed before purchasing your tickets, all our tickets are non-refundable.

What do VIP tickets include?

VIP tickets provide front row seating only in each respective section. There is no extra services provided for this type of ticket.

I can’t see any VIP tickets are there any available?

It may be that all VIP tickets (front row seating) has been sold out or VIP seating is not available at this venue.

Can we purchase tickets on the door?

All our tickets have to be purchased through our website. We are unable to guarantee any available tickets at the door.

The early bird discount is not working?

The early bird discount runs for a limited period. It may be that the discount has now expired hence it is not working. You will have an opportunity to enter the discount before you arrive to the payment page. If your card details are being asked for and you haven’t applied the discount, please fill in the discount code before proceeding. Discount should be typed exactly how as advertised. To see how to apply the discount please view the following video


Where is the venue?

All ticket holders will be sent details of the venue closer to the time of the event. Generally the venue is in an accessible location within the city advertised.

Is there Car Parking?

Car Parking is specific to each venue, please wait for the information e-mail sent out to attendees confirming parking arrangements.

What do we do when we arrive at the venue?

Please visit the registration desk with your ticket to collect your wristbands.

Do you have Creche facilities available?

We are unable to provide any creche facilities at the venue.

Are there prayer facilities available at the venue?

Most of the time we are able to provide prayer facilities. Please speak to one of the stewards on the day who will be able to guide you to the prayer area.

What time are the prayers at the venue?

The event host will announce the times for prayers, please follow their guidance. If the event starts just after a prayer time has entered, we advise attendees to complete their prayer before arrival.

Is food available at the venue?

Each venue is specific, some venues may have food available and some venues may not.

Can we enter and exit the conference whenever we like?

Our registration desk is open for the duration of the event. As long as you have collected your wristband from the registration desk, entering and exiting the conference is not a problem.


Are any of the speakers / guests confirmed?

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, speakers / guests who have been advertised are unable to attend. For this we reason we can not guarantee the attendance of any of the speakers / guests.

Can we meet the speakers?

As you can imagine often the speakers have a tight schedule so we are unable to guarantee a meeting, however if you do see any of them walking around feel free to approach them.

Can we speak to the speaker regarding Business?

Business meetings at the event are strictly prohibited and the business should contact the speaker through its professional avenues.

When is Mufti Menk or any of the other guests speaking?

We are unable to confirm or guarantee any of the lectures or itinerary due to the itinerary being subject to change. We are able to provide you with a start time and finish time, and able to confirm most lectures will take place during this period.


Can we record or take pictures on our professional cameras?

As we have exclusive media partners, we cannot allow any other professional photography or videography at the event. Pictures on your personal devices are fine to use. Don’t forget to tag us!

How can we share our photos / videos to the Light Upon Light team?

You can always share it by tagging us on social media. The 3 platforms we use quite often are Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Alternatively you can e-mail us on info@lightuponlight.org.uk


How can we contact you?

You can fill out the contact us form by clicking here or clicking Contact Us at the top of this page. Alternatively, feel free to write us an e-mail to info @lightuponlight.org.uk (without the space).

I want to volunteer, how can I do this?

Click here and complete the form. If you are successful in your application we will contact you

How can we hire a stall at the event?

Click here and complete the form. If you are successful in your application we will contact you