Terms and Conditions

Terms of Agreement & Conditions

Light Upon Light (LUL) is a project owned, managed and operated under Knowledge1st. The below Terms & Conditions are applicable for the vacation arranged for 5th April to 9th April 2020 in Antalya, Turkey at the Wome Resort Hotel.


Please ensure ALL conditions are read below:

1.1. The Hotel is liable to provide Hotel accommodation service (hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’) upon the Customer’s booking under this agreement via Light Upon Light (LUL).
1.2.  LUL shall confirm the Customer’s booking as of the execution of this agreement.
1.3. The Customer is responsible for arranging flight tickets and visas.
1.4. LUL do not offer flights or visas and the room prices quoted exclude flights & visas.
1.5. Transfers To & From Airport & Hotel, vice versa (Inbound and Outbound) are included in the room price if booked only for 5th to 9th April 2020 and are the responsibility of LUL to arrange. If  additional nights have been booked, the customer is to arrange their own transportation
1.6. If the Customer does not make arrangements to be ready for the transfers To & From Airport & Hotel, vice versa (Inbound and Outbound) at the agreed date and time and it results in missing the transfer, it is the Customer's responsibility to make alternative arrangements and as such the Customer is liable for any costs incurred.

2.1. Reservation can be made either by contacting LUL directly or via the Light-Upon-Light website.
2.2. If the Customer wants to amend their booking (including transferring a booking), it must be requested in writing by logging-on to the My Account portal in order to submit a request.
2.3. If the Customer wishes to terminate the booking, no refund is due to be paid to the Customer by LUL.
2.4. The Customer must submit their request to amend the booking at least 15 days before the date of service to be provided by the Hotel.
2.5. The Customer can request to change the reservation free of charge two times at most. If the Customer wants to make any more requests for change, they shall be liable to pay a fee, based on change, reservation and termination tariff of the Hotel.
2.6. The Customer hereby represents, agrees and undertakes that if they make/want to make a change in the reservation due to any reason during the special discount period, such reservation change request shall be accepted based on current prices applicable to the confirmation date of the request.
2.7. The discount for children shall be applied if they stay in the same room as their parents. When a reservation is being made, the age of child declared by the Customer shall be taken into consideration. If it is found by the authorized person during the reservation registration that the child’s age is different in the presented identity card, the necessary changes shall be applied to the reservation and any price difference arising out of such changes shall be paid by the Customer.

3.1. There are two payment options: Full Payment at the time of booking or 50% deposit and the remainder 50% to be paid by 14th February 2020.
3.2. For Customers paying a deposit at the time of booking, if the remainder 50% of the payment is not received by 14th February 2020, the rooms will be released and the monies already paid will not be refundable.
3.3. Any additional charges incurred during the stay at the hotel (such as massages etc...) are payable by the customer before check-out a s these additional charges are not included in the room prices offered by LUL.

4.1. The Customer must present their passports to the Hotel reception at the time of check-in as proof of identification allowing the Hotel to make a photocopy of the passport for their records and in-line with their booking & stay at the Hotel policy including acceptance that pets shall not be accepted by the hotel.
4.2. Check-in time is 14:00 on the day of arrival on 5th April 2020.
4.3. All other Check-in policy & procedures of the Hotel apply.
4.4. The customer is responsible for the safe keeping of all their valuables during their entire trip including during their stay at the Hotel.
4.5. The Customer shall agree that regardless of its arrival time to the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to enter the room until 14:00 on the check-in date and, regardless of its departure time from the Hotel, it shall not be allowed to check-out after 11:00 and it shall pay the price of any additional services to be provided after the check-out time.

5.1. In case low quality service is provided to the Customer, the Customer shall notify the hotel & LUL  representative in writing during the accommodation. Otherwise, the service provided by the Hotel shall be deemed as perfect and timely provided.
5.2. The Customer hereby agrees and undertakes that in case it violates any provision of this agreement, it shall pay all damages suffered by the Hotel due to such violation.
5.3. In case the guest acts and behaves in a manner so as to impair the Hotel’s order, the Hotel shall be entitled to request that the guest leave the hotel without refunding the payment.

6.1 Any additional stay booked at the hotel prior to or after the scheduled event days will require the customer to make their own arrangements with respect to transfers from and to the airport.

6.2 The number of occupants booked should not be exceed in any given room and should such a situation arise where more adults &/or children & /or infants arrive for accommodation than booked, there will be no guarantee the additional non-booked occupants will be provided with accommodation and the customer is responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred.