Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I book the accommodation, how much more is it for the lectures and other activities?

Answer: When you book the accommodation, the price includes full board meals and all the lectures over the weekend. Most activities are included however some activities may be at an extra cost

Question: My family is much larger than what is available, what shall I do?

Answer: Please contact our Sales department and they will help you as much as they can to make it practical for your family, insha’Allah. Call us on 020 3940 2001

Question: Are there toiletries / towels in the room?

Answer: There are toiletries and towels provided in every room. If you need more, just ask the reception desk at the resort

Question: Can I charge my electronic devices?

Answer: The resort has charging sockets, however this is the EU socket. You will need to bring your own travel adapter. Click Here to see an example of the socket.

Question: Can I reserve my room or my child on the youth programme and pay later?

Answer: No, all bookings are on a first-come first-served basis and there are no cancellations of reservations.


Question: I cannot pay it all at once, can I pay some now and some later?

Answer: We have thought of this already and therefore offer a payment plan! You can pay some now and pay the remaining later! Please continue with your booking and see what payment options are available to you


Question: I need to cancel my room as I am unable to come now, what shall I do?

Answer:  ALL bookings are NON – REFUNDABLE. Please note if cancelled, modified or in a case of no-shows, the total price of your booking will be charged. Alternatively, you may sell your room to a family or friend. After you have sold it, please inform us of the changed details via email and we will confirm the change for you. The last name changes permitted are 1 week before the event begins.

Question: When does the event start?  

Answer: The vacation begins on Sunday 5th April 2020 with registration and check in from 2pm onwards. All attendees have full access to the venue facilities once they have checked in. The event concludes on Thursday 9th April 2020 with Breakfast. Check out is 12 pm. 

Registration / Help Desk will be open 24 hours a day from Sunday 5th April 2020 to Thursday 9th April 2020. Situated in the Hotel Lobby.

Question: What if I want to stay in Istanbul before &/or after the event?  

Answer: You can do this by booking flights or extending your flight to or from the event. Please note that Istanbul has two airports and flights leave from both airports to Alanya and Antalya. Please make sure you are aware of what airport you are travelling to/from and make sure you book or select additional internal flights or connecting flights from the right airport. We are unable to provide airport transfers if you are travelling on different dates however we can help arrange airport transfers. 

Question: What if I want to stay longer at Wome Hotel before &/or after the event?  

If you interested in booking an extra night/s before &/or after the event dates (5th April – 9th April), please complete and submit this form and the event team will work with the Hotel and try to arrange a separate booking for the extra nights tailored to your requirements. We are unable to provide airport transfers if you are travelling on different dates however we can help arrange airport transfers.

Question: Are flights included?

Answer: Flights aren't included, you will need to make your own arrangements. We suggest using flight comparison websites such as Sky Scanner

Question: How do I get a Visa?

Answer: Visa acquisition can be done at the Airport in the country or online before travelling. The visa should cost between £10-25 per person. Link to online Visa 

Question: Where can I book Flights?  

Answer: You can book your flights online directly from airlines or search engines such as, Expeida, Turkish Airlines etc. 

Question: Where do I book flights to? 

Answer: You can book your flights to Antalya Airport. These can be booked on flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner, Expedia or directly via the airlines such as Turkish Airlines or Pegasus.

Question: How do I get from the to/from the Venue when I land? 

Answer: If you are landing on the 5th April and departing on the 9th April, your airport transfers are included! More information will be provided to you once you have booked

Question: Will Mufti Menk be at the event from the beginning to the end?

Answer: Yes inshaAllah

Question: Can I access the beach at night?

Answer: Yes however this will be the family friendly beach only.

Question: Are there crechè facilities at the resort?

Answer: Yes, this can be arranged with the resort directly and comes at an additional cost

Question: Can I leave the resort to explore outside?

Answer: Yes you can leave anytime you wish and return whenever you wish to 

Question: Is there a pharmacy nearby?

Answer: The resort actually has its own pharmacy! However we recommend that if you are on specific medication you try to bring enough with you as your specific medicine may not be available.

Question: Is there a supermarket nearby?

Answer: The resort has a mini market where you should be able to purchase most items that you require